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 Traditional Advising Plans


​For new students entering in the fall of....
​Accounting ​2016
​​​​2015 2014​
​Agribusiness ​2016 2015 2014​
​Business Analytics ​2016 2015​ ​n/a
​Business Management 2016 2015 2014
​Computer Information Systems ​2016 ​n/a ​n/a
​Healthcare Management 2016 2015 2014
​Human Resource Management 2016 2015 2014
​Management Information Systems n/a 2015 2014​
TSB ​Course Substitutions for Academic Year 2016-2017


To-Do List

  • Request updated curriculum evaluation sheet from Registrar’s Office each semester at least four weeks before registration. Allow at least seven to ten business days to receive the update. If your last name is A-L contact Terri Grice; M-Z contact Kyle Tapley. Your request can be by e-mail or at the Registrar’s Office.
  • Attend group advising session. You will receive the dates and location for sessions by e-mail.
  • View 4-Year Advising Plan above. Please plan to take courses in the semester in which they are displayed in the advising plans.
  • Go to Self-Service on MyUMO and search for classes needed for the upcoming term. Click on underlined course numbers to view pre-requisites and course descriptions.
  • Prepare a list of courses needed with course and section numbers, times, etc. Bring the list to your advising session and place courses in your shopping cart.
  • Attend your scheduled advising session on time. Bring your updated curriculum evaluation from the Registrar’s Office and a list of courses needed. At the session, you and the adviser will determine your class schedule together. You may bring a laptop/IPad to load your courses in the cart during the advising session.
  • Go to Self-Service to register for the classes discussed in your advising session on your assigned registration day (determined by Registrar’s Office). Do not register for other courses without consulting your adviser first!
  • Respond and follow-up immediately to all communication from campus offices, e.g. Financial Aid, Business, Student Development, and Registrar to ensure your registration is processed.

Things to Know

  • Your degree requires 126 semester hours as indicated on your curriculum evaluation sheet.
  • 126 semester hours ÷ 4 years ÷ 2 semesters = 15.75 semester hours per term
  • The maximum semester hours allowed for academically qualified students are 19 hours without a charge for an overload.
  • If you anticipate taking classes at another college and receiving transfer credits at UMO, you must get the class pre-approved by completing the Registrar’s Office form, “Application to Take Courses at Another Institution.”
  • Have all official college transcripts for transfer credits and DANTES/CLEP scores sent to the Registrar’s Office upon completion of the class or test.
  • Questions are encouraged! Contact your academic advisor or Sonya O'Brien, Director of Advising, at, 919-658-7867, or in Raper Hall-131A.