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 Collection Procedures

The Catalog for the University of Mount Olive states the following concerning terms of payment:

     "All tuition and fees for the entire semester are due prior to the start of class. Any accounts not paid as specified may be charged at the interest rate of 12% per annum on any unpaid balance. Situations which deserve special consideration should be discussed with the Business Office prior to the first day of class. "

Students who are no longer enrolled and have a balance remaining on their accounts will become the responsibility of Brenda Pridgen (Student Accounts Coordinator). There is a very strict policy regarding requests from students in this category for diplomas and/or transcripts. Under no circumstances will these requests be honored until the account is paid in full.

The procedures for collection of these accounts are as follows:

1.     A letter will be sent to the student once the Business Office is made aware that the student is no longer enrolled. This student will have an "Account Not Paid" stop placed on their account and will be sent three notification letters by mail.

Letters one through three will specify:

- The amount owed on the student's account.

- That the account should be paid in full within thirty days of the date of the letter.

- That if it is not possible to pay the account within thirty days, the student should contact Brenda Pridgen to set up a monthly payment plan.

- That interest at 12% per annum may begin to accrue and be added to the student's account in the month after they cease being an active student.

2. If the student fails to respond to the third letter (after 30 days) then the account will be sent to collections.

3. Additionally, if a student agrees to a payment plan with the university, and then misses three consecutive payments on the plan, the account will be automatically forwarded to one of the three outside collections agencies below.

- Ms. Ginger Crosby Zuravel, Attorney, who represents the University for collections, and is located in Fayetteville, NC.

- Williams & Fudge, a nationally recognized collection agency specializing in student collections located in Rock Hill, SC.

- Collection Recovery Services, Inc., a collection agency located in Glen Mills, PA.


Throughout the collection process, the University of Mount Olive will proceed with our best interest as the foremost objective. Dealings with delinquent students will be done in a fair manner with an emphasis on collecting the debt owed while showing patience and compassion to students where warranted.

If you have any questions about a past due balance with the University of Mount Olive, please email Brenda Pridgen at