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Office of Assessment Services
Welcome to the Office of Assessment Services. This area contains information related to Student and Program Learning Outcomes, overall assessment processes, presentations,
and other survey information.

The mission of the office is to improve student learning by assisting all members of the university community with innovative, multidisciplinary assessment practices that will integrate the standard for educational measurement in a culture of data driven decision making.

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Academic Program Rotation PDF
The PDF indicates where each program is in the three year academic assessment cycle.

Institutional Effectiveness Policy
The policy provides guiding principles and assigns responsibility for annual assessment, planning, budgeting, and reporting activities. This includes the Institutional Assessment and Planning Calendar.

Assessment Rubric
The rubric used to assess program assessment reports.

Program Assessment Submissions
The webpage where you enter the annual assessment plan and, at the end of the spring semester, update the information to create an annual assessment report. Instructions (8/15/2017)

General Education Requirement Submissions
The webpage where GER assessment information is entered. Instructions (2/6/2017)

Institutional Student Assessments

NSSE Survey Form 2015 & 2013
The NSSE is used to measure the level of student participation at universities and colleges in Canada and the United States as it relates to learning and engagement. This version of the form has been used since 2013.

National Survey of Student Engagement 2015
Here you will find downloadable PDFs of the 2015 NSSE results.

National Survey of Student Engagement 2013
Here you will find downloadable PDFs of the 2013 NSSE results.


Assessing the Un-Assessable
Presented at the 2016 NCICU Conference
Julie Santiago and I spoke about the efforts that have been made at UMO to define and assess faith and character formation, one of our General Education Competency Areas. We spoke about the obstacles we have encountered in creating assessments for an outcome that is very subjective, and our future assessment plans.

Program Assessment Workshop
PowerPoint of presentation on student assessment during Fall 2016 New and Returning Faculty Orientation.

SPOL 2017 Assessment Data
PowerPoint presentation of our Academic Assessment Web site at the 2017 SPOL Users Conference.

Faculty and Staff Surveys

Survey of Computer Aided Communication
This survey is a follow up to the presentation on blended
instruction, online collaboration, video conferencing
and tutoring.

Technology Needs Survey (CLOSED)
This survey is designed to collect suggestions you might have
for technology that would enhance teaching and learning
or support you in your tasks and responsibilities.

For further information contact:

Ron Stevens, PhD
Director of Assessment Services
Communications Building
Phone: 919.658.7834