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Climate Surveys are perception surveys, used to assess the attitude of the surveyed population.  This population could include, students, faculty, staff, alumni, or other constituents.  The purpose of these surveys is often to improve Institutional Effectiveness, either through services or through academic programing.

University of Mount Olive collects information regarding the success of their graduates, both in their career plans as well as their graduate/professional goals.  Below is data collected from two surveys: University of Mount Olive Graduation Survey and the University of Mount Olive Education department’s Early Childhood Education Program Alumni Survey.

The Surveys below are those that have been conducted and assessed at University of Mount Olive.

 Adult Learner Inventory


The Institutional Self-Assessment Survey (ISAS), is an important part of the Campus Climate Study undertaken by University of Mount Olive.  Paired with the Adult Learner Inventory (ALI), an instrument administered to students, the results of the ISAS can aid the College leadership to pinpoint institutional strengths and areas for improvement.

University of Mount Olive asks faculty and staff for assistance by empowering or nominating colleagues to help complete the ISAS.  Members of the UMO faculty and staff community are asked to complete portions of the instrument that relate specifically to their area or department.  University of Mount Olive requires a good representation of all departments and all locations, as well as those who work with both traditional and non-traditional students, to make this study a success.


The Survey is sent to all non-traditional students (those attending courses at Goldsboro, Mount Olive Evening, New Bern, Jacksonville, RTP, Washington, and Wilmington), focusing on concerns that affect them. 


The survey is administered online, via an email prompt and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.  UMO students should look to their UMO email starting September 15th.


The survey will be active Fall 2013 from September 16th through November 15th.

A Thank You

University of Mount Olive knows that our students’ time and feedback is valuable, so we want to give a token of our appreciation by offering up prizes in the form of $25 Gift Cards to the UMO Bookstore.  Every student who participates gets a chance to win one of the prize!

Any questions?  Contact Ronald Stevens Assessment Services either via email: or phone: 919-658-7834.

 ALI Analysis




The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE, pronounced "Nessie") is designed to measure student engagement, inside and outside of the classroom. The questions are devised to gain student insight to question that only they can answer.  For example:

How difficult is/was the academic program?  How is/was the interaction with other students?  How is/was your experience with the Faculty?  How is/was the campus Environment?


These questions are designed to gain understanding in the services that University of Mount Olive provides.  With this feedback gives us room to know where we have succeeded and the direction we need to go to improve.


The NSSE is a survey for freshmen and seniors.


The invitations will be sent out to students February 5th and the survey will remain open until March 15th.


The survey can be taken anywhere via online, the invites will come through UMO student email so that is where to look.

A Thank You

University of Mount Olive knows that our students’ time and feedback is valuable, so we want to give a token of our appreciation by offering up a prize of an iPad.  Every student who participates gets a chance to win the prize!

 NSSE Files

The National Study of Student Engagement (NSSE) Reports:

NSSE Executive Snapshot (PDF) 2013

NSSE Frequency Distributions (PDF) 2013

NSSE High Impact Practices (PDF) 2013


Topical Modules:

Civic Engagement (PDF) 2013

Experiences with Writing Module (PDF) 2013